Membership benefits

  • Reduction on seminar prices
  • Study Groups
  • CPD
  • Teaching syllabus 
  • Organised outings
  • Information on insurance


We offer a range of membership types; from full to student. All membership packages include a free two week trial. 

Full Member

An independent homœopathic practitioner who practices in accordance with the objects set out in the ACH Constitution and who is approved as a Full Member by the Executive Committee. 

Full Membership costs: £100.

Probationary Member

a) A student of a recognised course provider practicing under the supervision of a Full Member of the Association who has a minimum of three years in practice.

b) Any practitioner who is undergoing a probationary period of assessment by the Committee. This period of assessment should allow sufficient time for a recognized course provider to be convinced of the probationary member’s ability to practice according aligned with the Association.

Probationary Membership cost: £50.

Student Member

A Student Member is anyone studying Homœopathy. Student membership cost: £25.

Friend Member

A Friend member is anyone with an interest in homœopathy. Friend membership cost: £20.


An Overseas Associate Member is a practitioner living overseas. Overseas Associate membership cost: £30.

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