History of Classical Homœopathy

Through his understanding of human suffering, Hahnemann came to the view that the symptoms we produce are a result of our life force/vitality trying to maintain balance within the system. It is the concept of this vital force and its action that underpins our method of practice. We will always view the origins of illness as an inner ‘spiritual disconnection’ rather than something rooted in external factors.  A medicine becomes a Homœopathic remedy, with healing potential, when it can supply information to our vital force and facilitate change on an inner level. Healing then takes place from the inside out and symptoms gradually disappear.

Hahnemann systematically tested (‘proved’) many medicines on healthy people with rigorous attention to detail. He thoroughly tested the medicinal action of a single substance at any one time.  He did not test medicines in combination. 

Hahnemann was an original thinker who put into practice a completely new system of medicine which advocates healing through the use of similar medicines as opposed to dissimilar ones. He was also a social reformer and advocate for a compassionate approach to the treatment of mental illness which was ground breaking at that time. He pioneered many innovative ideas on hygiene, diet and even urban planning.

Samuel Hahnemann

Samuel Hahnemann

We will only prescribe a single medicine at a time and only one which has been proven.