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When: 8th October 2016

Where: Gloucester Place, London

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Seminar in Corsica with Dr Edouard BROUSSALIAn

When: 14th - 17th May 2016

Where: Calvi at the Social Centre of Cardeliu, in the locality of Cardeliu, Corsica

Dr Edouard Broussalian and all the team at Planete Homeo have the pleasure of inviting you to their Second clinical seminar which will take place in the enchanting setting of Calvi.

Students of the school will have priority reservations for this event, but all practitioners are welcome. The lively mind-set and the passionate transferring of knowledge is what animates us about the teachings of Hahnemann.

We will work and relax enjoying the floral profusion of spring in Corsica, next to the sea and in the mountains.

The objective of the course is to show how to perfect the taking of a case, detailing the entire process of analysis, synthesis and reflection that leads to the choice of the best-indicated remedy for the patient.

Stage by stage, in front of each patient, Dr Broussalian interacts with the participants, evaluating the symptoms, researching the characteristic signs, translating them into the language of the repertory, finally reaching a defined strategy for the prescription, choosing between whether the centesimal or LM dose is more appropriate in the case before him, the potency, the dose and frequency of repetition.

All the participants will follow each consultation live, projected on a large screen, then discussion of the case will be held with questions and answers and conclusions. This will include the differential diagnosis of which remedy to prescribe and which not to prescribe.

The participants will be trained to establish a prognosis for the case and evaluate the level of health of the patient.

Everyone can see for themselves the irrefutable logic of homeopathy, practiced according to the criteria of the VIth edition of the Organon and its superiority to all other therapeutic methods with their treatments. Furthermore, Edouard Broussalian, will take the opportunity to demonstrate that the lengthy consultation in homeopathy is just a myth.

Several students and members of faculty will also speak to introduce clinical cases they have treated. A participation certificate will be given at the end of the seminar.

This is a unique opportunity to meet in person and not through the interface of the forum or e-learning (distance learning), in addition the social activity will be considered as part of the program. To that end also there will be the possibility of botanical excursions and some other surprises.

This is a unique opportunity to meet in person and not through the interface of the forum or e-learning (distance learning), in addition the social activity will be considered as part of the program. To that end also there will be the possibility of botanical excursions and some other surprises.


Live clinical cases with full commentary and development of understanding by Dr Edouard Broussalian.

A case study with Dr Jean Claude Ravalard, and if time permits poisons in acute situations.

A clinical case by Pascal Duma, a second year student.

Schedule of study

  • Saturday 14 May from 09.00 to 18.30
  • Sunday 15 May from 09.00 to 18.30
  • Monday 16 May from 09.00 to 18.30
  • Tuesday 17 May excursion to Lumio for those who wish

The homeopathic seminar begins on Saturday 14 May at 09.00. The welcome will start from 08.30. We offer you some optional activities on Tuesday 17 May 2016. See the lines at the end suggesting complimentary activities proposed.


These will be taken at the venue. A cold buffet.will be organised. The cost will be in the order of 12 Euros a meal. If you want to we can also organise a Saturday evening meal where we can all eat together in the restaurant.


One can fly direct or via Paris or Nice. If you fly into Bastia the shuttle bus from the airport to the town centre of Calvi takes 35 minutes and costs 9 Euros.

Port of Calvi from the sea

Port of Calvi from the sea

Lieu du stage : centre social cardellu

Lieu du stage : centre social cardellu

Reserve your place today!

Reserve your place today!


Examples of on site accommodation: a studio for 4 people ( a bedroom with a double bed + a sitting room with couch [sofa bed?] ) is 50Euros a night. An apartment for 6 (one bedroom with a double bed + one bedroom with twin beds + a sitting room with a sofabed) 60 Euros a night. Camping in Calvi ( 10 minutes from the course study) La Cle des Champs where it is possible to negotiate a better price.

We encourage staying throughout the week to enjoy it thoroughly. This year we suggest taking accommodation at the campsite in order to enjoy a pleasant evening together.

List of recommended accommodation in Calvi.

Bungalows or camping (5 mins walk from cause location):

  • La Cle des Champs (our preferred venue, because they allow to have evening get togethers)
  • Le Home
  • La Bellavista

Hotels (5 mins walk from cause location):

  • La Cle des Champs (our preferred venue, because they allow to have evening get togethers)
  • Le Home
  • La Bellavista

Hotels (5 mins walk from cause location):

  • La Caravelle ***
  • La Onda***
  • Les Arbousiers***

Hotels (10 mins walk from cause location):

  • Le Cyrenea**
  • Le Belvedere**
  • Le Magnolia**
  • Le Regina**
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For English speaking members the three complete days of training, from Saturday 14 May with the welcome at 08.30 to the conclusion of the course on Monday 17 May at 18.30, the fee is 300 Euros before the 31 March 2016, after that it is 350 Euros. Following the great success of last year, the number of places are limited and so do not delay. Complete the enrollment form or contact info@achomeopaths.org


Visit to Geneva

4th – 5th September 2015

At the last seminar in September 2014 our speaker Gaby Rottler suggested that we contacted Edouard Broussalian in Geneva with a view to inviting him to speak at our next seminar. We read his book, ‘Homeopathy, Principles of the New Medicine’, his commentary on the first seventy paragraphs of the 6th Edition of the Organon, from which it appeared that he was practising genuine classical homeopathy. We therefore contacted him directly to invite him to come to London in October to speak to us and found that he was very excited to have found some classical homeopaths in the UK.

His enthusiastic response prompted us to suggest a visit to his clinic in Geneva where he works in a busy practice with his wife Benedicte. We had a fascinating and exciting interchange of ideas with them both and found we had so much in common. We also discussed the possibility of collaborating on various projects.

After a lifetime in Homeopathy, (his father was a homeopath), he is not only a mine of extensive knowledge and experience but he also has connections with Andre Saine and David Little, among other prominent figures.

He gave us copies of a compilation of the writings of Adolph Lippe, a student of Hahnemann, which he has edited. These have proved most enlightening.

In all it was a most worthwhile visit and we look forward to welcoming him and his wife at our Seminar in London on October 17th. We hope too that their flights will allow them to join us at the Chelsea Physic Garden on October 16th where we will all have an opportunity to talk with them on a more informal basis.

Executive Committee


Edouard Broussalian MD, Author of “Homœopathy, Principles of the new medicine” (2014) will be delivering a seminar on Miasmatic Treatment - dose and potency, including the use of LMs. Taking place 11am - 5pm on Saturday 17th October at The Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8EA.

Edouard started learning homœopathy at the age of 15 by accompanying his father to lectures. His first passion was quantum physics. His father had studied homœopathy from Pierre Schmidt who learnt his homœopathy directly from students of Dr. James Tyler Kent. Edouard entered medical school to enable him to practice as a homœopath. He started ‘Planete-Homeo’ in 1996 which he says “has become arguably the liveliest activist homœopathy website”, runs an internet course in homœopathy and has completed a translation of Kent's Repertory and several volumes of the Encyclopedia of Hering. In 2011 he worked in Haiti with fantastic results treating cholera and more recently went to Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak.

Seminar price is: £70 for non-members in advance, £50 for members in advance, £80 for all on the day. For more information and to book please email Karen at info@achomeopaths.org

Click here to download the event poster.

Annual AGM - 17th October 2015

Following another successful AGM in September, Association of Classical Homœopaths have penciled in their annual AGM for 2015. It will be taking place on 17th October 2015. Further details and venue are to be confirmed. Please save the date.

Annual AGM - 27th September 2014 

This was an excellent seminar weekend with guest speaker Gaby Rottler and two visiting Italian homeopaths. To find out more and download the AGM 2014 minutes, view post in our Blog.