Our code

1. With the best interests of the patient at heart, the homœopath seeks to restore health in the homœopathic way.

2. The homœopath always adheres to the principles laid down by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and accordingly;

       a.    Takes a full case history, §§ 84 – 104

       b.    Identifies the totality of symptoms, §§ 7, 22, 27

       c.    Analyses and synthesizes that totality coming to a portrait of the disease, §§ 6, 104

       d.    Selects rubrics that represent that portrait and repertorises

       e.    Differentiates remedies from proven Materia Medica  §§ 118, 145

       f.    Selects the most similar remedy, § 153

       g.    Prescribes a single, suitably potentised dose, § 283

       h.    Considers the level of a case – acute, chronic, miasmatic or epidemic – and treats

              accordingly, § 5

3. The homœopath gives advice, guidance and support to the patient throughout the course of treatment. The Chronic Diseases & AntiPsoric Medicines, p.113, by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

4. The homœopath takes responsibility for reviewing the case at appropriate intervals in the light of Hering’s Law of Cure, from reports requested from the patient or through consultation when necessary.

5. The homœopath keeps comprehensive, dated records.

6. The homœopath maintains patient confidentiality and stores confidential information in a secure environment.

7. The homœopath commits to ongoing personal and professional development.

(All references to §§ are from The Organon of Medicine by Samuel Hahnemann.)