An excellent seminar weekend (26th - 27th September 2014)

Several of us met up with our speaker Gaby Rottler and the two visiting Italian homeopaths Simona Mezzer and Annalisa Motelli on Friday for a visit to Kew Gardens including a short guided tour. Later we spent a most enjoyable evening at Jaynee Treon’s house.

We started Saturday with the AGM where there was some useful and constructive discussion about the future of the Association. Trevor Gunn took us further down the road of 're-framing disease' and shared his experience of the effects of hypnobirthing. Sadly there wasn't enough time to see his film.

Gaby Rottler was an inspired choice for our main speaker and we are grateful to Jamie who found her while following his own studies. Her consummate scholarship, infectious enthusiasm and clarity of thought turned a potentially dry topic into a fascinating adventure into the early days of Homeopathy.  A native German speaker with a knowledge of Old German, she is also fluent in English and French among other languages and is therefore ideally suited to researching the works of Hahnemann and his immediate contemporaries. She spoke about his various assistants and colleagues and the development of the repertories. She touched on the enigmas presented by the Sixth edition of the Organon and explained how Hahnemann prepared his remedies. Then she gave us a fascinating insight into cases of both Hahnemann and Boeninghausen from the original documents.

We all hope very much that we will continue our association with her as there is so much to explore.