About us

The Association of Classical Homeopaths was formed in 2008 by a group of classical homeopaths who are passionate about the Hahnemann approach. At the time there was no other organisation dedicated solely to the classical methodology. We run seminars in London with national and international speakers and support educational programmes.

Our vision

Prescribing individualised homœopathic medicines after a full consultation.

Understand and change the emotional and spiritual factors that lead to ill health.

Individualised advice on nutrition, exercise and other factors which support health.

Our approach

Our classical approach is firmly rooted in the principles of Samuel Hahnemann the founder of Homœopathy. These principles are consistently applied in all aspects of our practice. We acknowledge and learn from other masters who took Hahnemann’s work forward, developing and broadening Hahnemann’s theories without straying from his fundamental principles. 

Our registered members will provide a confidential consultation followed by an evaluation and choice of relevant symptoms which will lead to an individualised medicine for you. They will work closely with you to observe the action of the remedy and assess the healing process. They will also offer advice about diet and lifestyle. Each treatment will build on the one before through careful prescription of related remedies. This way of treatment can work to a profound level and can produce fundamental shifts in your health and your life, through increased awareness.